Meet Skëdagø's Founder, Dr. Becky Peterson

How Skëdagø Began 

Throughout high school and college, I ran as a part of my training for lacrosse and rugby. I actually hated running when I was told to run. But it wasn't until after college, when I moved to San Francisco for a year, that I ran my first 5K and discovered that not only did I like running - I loved it! Things took off from there. I was living in the Marina near the Golden Gate Bridge, and I would do long runs (10-20 miles) over the bridge and into the headlands. The combination of the weather, the views and the miles made running through natural settings my happy place. Plus, I felt amazing afterward - this sort of post-run glow, where you feel lit from within and as if nothing can bother you (otherwise known as the runners high).

Off to the Races

I am proud to say I have now run three marathons — two along the gorgeous California coastline of Big Sur and one on Vancouver Island. On Vancouver Island I timed 3 hours and 35 minutes, which meant I qualified for the Boston Marathon. This was a huge goal of mine! I have also run at least five half marathons, in beautiful places such as Lake Tahoe and Portland,Maine. I try to run 5K and 10K races whenever I can!


My favorite race to date is a 15K trail I ran through Muir Woods back in the late 1990's. When I was in medical school at Stanford and training for my next marathon, I decided to do the run as a training. I soon found myself passing people on the trail, and it spurred me on to run faster and faster. I ended up coming in first for the women's category and third overall! So far, my favorite place in the world to run is Muir Woods.

Keep on Moving

I used to run exclusively alone. I loved taking in the views and allowing my creativity to flow every time I ran, especially during long runs. It was like all of a sudden, I had this incredible mental clarity. More recently, I have discovered I enjoy running with a group. I love the camaraderie and inspiration I get from others. During the summer, I started doing 5:30 AM runs with a running group called "Fueled By Doughnuts" and I love it!

Moving Forward 

I have to admit, I've always wanted to run the Dipsea Trail Run in Marin County, CA. It's a crazy trail run that sounds like a blast! I have yet to run internationally, but I also think running in Ireland would be fun! I visited Ireland once and just loved the land and the people.

National dog day

On the Run 

When I run with music, I listen to a wide range of artists. From Whitesnake to Imagine Dragons, you’ll find me listening to any song with a great beat and a great vibe.

I always bring Skëdagø with me on my runs. Lately, I fuel up with Iced Tea Skëdagø for an extra boost. The caffeine with electrolytes gives me that push for my 5:30 AM runs. We often lose too many electrolytes through sweat while we exercise. This can lead to muscle cramping and dehydration. A well-rounded nutrition plan (with plenty of electrolytes) will keep your body pumping and ready for your next adventure!