Getting (and staying!) In Shape

by Dr. Becky Peterson, founder of Skëdagø


Getting out of shape is so stinking easy. Because it just takes missing a day here and there, and then a week, a few holidays. A few special occasions, and before you know it, your clothes are too tight and you are feeling...well, gross. Getting back into shape is not so easy. In fact, it is hard. The activation energy is the worst part. You know you are starting from behind. You know that the first workout will be hard, brutal even, and your exercise clothes will feel too tight, and you will be disgusted by how far you have fallen. Why willingly submit yourself to that pain? Far easier to keep have enough challenges going on in your life, right? You deserve not to add more stress. 


But the thing is when you most need the change is when you least feel like making it. That's when you need to jump in, with accountability. Challenge a friend to meet you at a morning workout (outdoor, socially distanced). In the beginning, it may be the annoying feeling of your inner thighs chafing against each other that gets you there. In fact, it may be a feeling of disgust that makes you get up early and show up. But after a few times, what motivates you will be different. For a while, it may be a competitive motivator - I want to keep up with my friend or workout buddy, or aspirational - I want my abs to look as good as the instructors!  


But in the end, it will be a feeling of strength that keeps you going. And that feeling is a healthy addiction....when you start to realize how much more alive you feel when you are strong, when you have sweat and when you have put in the hard work. When you know you have broken through your comfort zone and met your edge, the edge where you challenge yourself, and you know you are alive, powerful, and relevant.


And some days, you will be dogging it.... those days when you didn't sleep well or something bad happened in your life, and you almost didn't come. But the important thing is to keep showing up. Dog it if you have to, but show up again and again and again. Because a body in motion stays in motion.  


And above all, hydrate! When you are really struggling during a workout, a swig of Skëdagø can give you that boost of energy you need to get through the next set of reps. The combination of electrolytes and water gives your muscles what they need for peak performance during a workout and recovery. And staying ahead of your hydration needs will boost your mood, energy levels, and cognitive clarity for the rest of the day.